I know there are a lot of couples with kids that let their relationships suffer. This is in my opinion absurd! I don’t know why couples don’t realize it was their love and connection that got you the kids in the first place. No marriage or relationship will be easy with kids, but there are a lot of different ways to keep your relationship fresh and alive!

The things I will discuss will be budget savvy. There’s always a way to save money and make time for your relationship. When you’re in a happy and fulfilled relationship, your communication is awesome, you feel connected to your spouse and it just makes your home environment that much better.  Besides, that you and your kids will be much happier. We all know that all parents want happy, healthy, kids!


The first and most important thing to keep your relationship strong is make your bedroom a kid and baby free zone. Intimacy in a relationship will always be important. You need that connection with your partner, and having kids in your bedroom will definitely put a damper on any intimate relations you may have or want to have.

Staying on the subject of intimacy, there are tons of things that you can do to keep your relationship fresh. It can be as simple as coming home early, making a big juicy steak for your man, clean the house, and throw sports on the TV. Make sure that night the kids are in bed, or you find a sitter. You could also be cooking in his favorite sports jersey with only undies on underneath. Men flowers, a nice hot relaxing bath, a clean house, and take out will get you a lot.

Dressing up (roll play) is also a way to keep your relationship interesting, fun and alive. There are a million things you can do on an intimate level, but just remember NO KIDS in your room!!

Don’t Forget The Small Stuff

There are way too many of us that get in a hurry with everyday life. We tend to cut out all the small stuff like, kissing good bye, holding hands, and even flirting!! Guys even your wife of twenty years wants to hear she is as beautiful as the day you met her. Don’t just assume we know. We will always want to hear it. Remember when you always said love you when you hung up the phone?

Why don’t you do that anymore? Girls, tell your man he’s sexy or that you appreciate him. Everyone thinks the other knows, but it is always nice to hear it. Write a sweet love note and stick in their lunch box, cell phone case, or write in on the mirror; so when they get up and look in the mirror they see it. Don’t let your relationship get so comfortable that you don’t do these things.

 Set Up Guidelines

I know as well as all parents do that it gets hard to find time for each other with kids and work. So maybe you need to set a day of the week that focuses on your relationship. Have a date night every week. There are teens all over every neighborhood that will do a fine job babysitting for $30.00 for you to go out a few hrs. Go shopping, go see a movie, have dinner, or get a massage. You could even take turns planning dates.

Ladies, it’s not a bad thing to get tickets to a local sports team, your man will love it and honestly so will you. I was never a huge sports person but now I am a diehard football and baseball fan because of it.  I remember the first year Chad and I met, we went to at least 10 Milwaukee Brewer (baseball) games and it was probably the most fun time I’ve ever had! Men, time to suck it up and go with your girl to get a pedicure. Totally serious gentlemen! You will love it and feel like a whole new person ;)

These are just a few things you can do, don’t limit yourself. Your relationship is worth every second of it. Just remember how it was before life set in. There is no reason sparks can’t fly when your hubby walks in from a long day at work. Or your significant other can’t wake up to a sweet love note about everything you love about them.

Besides, that your kids will thank you. You are after all guiding them and what they see you do with each other will make their own relationships stronger.
So always remember guidelines, small stuff and intimacy.  What are some things that you do to keep your relationship fresh?  I want to hear, so please share in comments!

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