I love getting alone time with Chad (and myself LOL) but because we live in a small town, there isn’t an Olive Garden that I can drag him to that’s close by. We have had to get creative with date nights.

We love hanging out with friends, but I find that when we get some quality one on one time with each other, our relationship is just healthier and we are happier and communicate 100x better.  Do you find that’s true for you and your spouse?

I’m going to tell you 3 simple, yet fun date nights that we have regularly.

3 Simple Fun Date Night Ideas

Working Out – Yes, I know what you’re thinking, that it isn’t a date.  But you know what? Most of the time when we are done working out, we both feel so great, we always have great conversation and we’re getting our “health” on.   It just feels nice to know that we are working together towards the same thing and there supporting each other.

With working out, it always feels like our relationship is better because (and maybe its just me) we are trying to be better people.

Walking – This is completely different from working out to me because we are just walking and holding hands and talking.  We have some of our best talks just walking around together. I just like being able to be one with nature and feeling blessed just to get some time to clear any thoughts or concerns we both have with each other.

Now when we go for walks, we don’t talk kids, finances, etc.  We leave that stuff out because we can do that at home.  It helps keep us fresh and remember that we aren’t just a mom, dad, cleaner of the house.

Bonfires – We love having beer or a glass of wine by the fire. There is something that is just so relaxing and reminds me of when I was younger just hanging out by the fire and laughing together. Sometimes we invite people

Can you see a theme here? You could do these date nights anywhere and they are pretty cheap (if not free). I noticed that our relationship is at its best when we take time to get out of the same going out to dinner and coming home or going to a movie. Being able to talk to each other definitely helps.

What are some fun and simple date nights that you have done?  I seriously think our best dates have been where we’ve done something that doesn’t involve us spending a lot of money.

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