Law Of Abundance

Bank account bare? Bedroom barren? The body running on empty? Buddha not showing up? Why? Maybe because your rhythm is off!
You’re out of step with the Abundance. It’s a dance that requires adaptability, fluidity and, above all, the eagerness to flow with life’s changing rhythms.
The word “abundance” comes from a Latin origin meaning “to flow in waves.” Abundance is a wave dance. The natural bounteous overflow energy dance of the Universe. DNA and electrons coil in vibrant circular waves. Nature’s spiral dance spins the shape of seashells, budding plants, and the human fetus.The Secret Mirror by Joe Vitale explains that you can perceive this wave motion in the rolling seas, a herd of bounding antelope, the gentle curve of a whale breaching, and the waving air rising from hot asphalt.
These natural elements are riding the pulsating electromagnetic dance between the Earth and the moon and sun. This throbbing love affair between heavenly bodies is a wave force field so strong that it shifts the grand oceans as much as fifty feet twice a day with the tides. This vagrant pulse can pump life’s goodness into your life!

Ride The Wave Of The Abundance

You can surf this natural wave current of the River of Life to receive all the wealth, vigor and love you could ever want. You can invite the River of Universal Supply to provide you naturally with the resources and opportunities you need to be happy and bloom on earth.
This is no pipe dream or philosophical fiction! Learning to get in step with the Abundance can load your bank account, bedroom and body with an abundance beyond belief—that is, exceeding your present beliefs.

Relax Your Grip

By the wave, are your present beliefs allowing you to ride the course of the Abundance? If not, relax your grip on how you think success operates—and let the natural waves of abundance to spiral through your body and life.
All energy moves in the same way, no matter how or what outer form it’s manifesting through. And the initial movement of energy in the Universe is a wave-like spiral wind. The energy of money expresses in this way in the stock market, in the street, and in your finances. The dynamics of love also unfold in a spiral dance. The vital functions of the body pulsate similarly.
People intuitively recognize that life energy expresses in a wave. We seek to be in the flow, on a roll, grooving.

Float On The Ocean Of Opulence

How do you surf the waves of the Unified Energy Field to discover sincere love?

  • To nourish your health?
  • To lead a life of golden possibilities?

You Have To Take These Practical Steps Every Day To Allow The Natural Wave Current Of The AbunDance To Release Life’s Goodies On You.

If you practice—do—these actions, you will train and anchor yourself in the physical plane, so that when the AbunDance spirals through you, it will create substantial, visible and material results in your world—that is, monetary reward, physical well-being and friendly relationships!

Breathe Your Way to Success

We have to breathe all day just to survive, why not breathe to prosper? When you ease up your grip on needing to control your breathing—and surrender your body and being to Universal Support—you open yourself to “being breathed” by the Universe. Fusing with the natural beat of the Universal Dance brings you Universal Supply in the form of affection, money, and well-being.
When you ease up your grip on needing to control you inhale, your body will naturally fill with oxygen—fresh energy. When you loosen your grip on needing to control your exhale, your body will naturally release your body’s stale air—dead energy.

Gravity—a faithful agent of the Universal Wave Motion—will naturally collapse your belly and chest for you.
Soon you will be enjoying the undulant, effortless deep breathing you see in babies and animals—who, by the wave, abandon themselves to the care of the physical Abundance. Your breathing will smoothly rise and fall like the rolling ocean. Try it out!
The real secret to the effectiveness of the breathing methods of yoga, rebirthing, and Hawaiian Huna is this all-out submission to and synchronization with the Cosmic Rhythm. When you merge with life’s Abundance, you merge with life’s abundance.

Move Your Way To Paradise

The easiest ways to put yourself into the River of Supply is through daily physical movement—that is, through relaxed, fluid moving. When you ease up your grip on needing to control your body’s movement, your body will naturally “be moved” by the natural Energy Dance of the Universe. Yoga, Tai-chi, Aikido, martial arts, sports, running, dance, massage, play and frolic—done in this spirit of surrender to the spontaneous—will put you in the AbunDance. Take it for a test wave.

Sound Your Way to Health

When you ease your grip on needing to control your emotional and physical response to the harmonious wave vibrations of sound, you will naturally shift into the River of AbunDance. The pulsating audio rhythms of Nature, music, singing, chanting, toning, laughing and baby noises will vibrate your being and body right into the Cosmic Gravy Train.

Feel Your Way to Bounty

Once you relax your grip on needing to regulate the energy of your emotions, the energy of your emotions will normally flow up and out. With this upward release, your feelings will completely express themselves energetically, liberating you from emotion blockage.

Word “Emotion” derived from a Latin root meaning “to move through.” The fundamental nature of emotion is “energy in motion.”

We were never intended to be stuck undergoing the same exact emotion for minutes, hours, days or years! And when you decide to match your vibration with the vibration—frequency, wavelength, you combine with the feeling’s natural wave motion. You become one with the energy of the feeling. And—viola!—the feeling is no longer a barrier between you and happiness.

Think Your Way To Prosperity

When you start changing the way you believe the Universe operates, your world will naturally proceed in the path of balance, harmony, and abundance. Once we relax the grip on needing to be right about how you understand the Universe works, we allow those elements in your life to shift that need to change for you to have the breakthrough you desire—that is, getting in gear with the Abundance.

The Flexibility Of Mind Allows The Creativity Of The Universe!

Fluid Mind allows in-come, passion, and healing. Bend, flex and welcome the unexpected, surprise and serendipity!

“Doctor Recommended”
Most healers—admit that their primary healing function is to create the conditions in which people relax sufficiently for their bodies to heal themselves. When people relax deeply, they enter the Abundance. The pulsating Wave of Life excites the body’s natural ability to balance and harmonize itself. Organs, glands, and hormones begin to function correctly, and the body heals.

Former Failure Doesn’t Matter!

In your past, if you have unsuccessfully tried one or more of these methods to enter the Abundance, you probably have not learned to relax your grip deeply enough. In our modern Western culture, the approach of “abandoning oneself to the natural flow of life” is a newly learned skill—that we often need to practice to get good at.
Try it again—with a new attitude. Once you get the ability to allow the Abundance to bring life’s fullness to you, you’ll never go back to using effort and control!